Welcome to Integrated Men

A community for men to Find their Purpose in life and define their true Identity.

About Me

I am passionate about men's work and having been involved in helping men identify and build their purpose and identity for the better part of a decade I realize there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Why You Should Join Me

There is a lot of self-help and support available, but a lot of it is geared towards women. Yes, quite a lot of it is applicable to all people, but there comes a point where we need to appreciate the different needs of men, that is it connect with other men, and create amazing things in this world. To share their gifts, men need to build healthy relationships and bonds with other men. A lack of healthy male role models has led to unmotivated men who lack real purpose in life. The lack of purpose triggers toxic shame in men, which leads to men indulging in various addictions.

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to all who have faith in the work that I and a lot of other men's coaches do.
Thank you for sharing your journey with me and others in this community.
Thank you for choosing to be part of a community. The work that we do is not easy, but the journey certainly is more adventurous as we begin to heal and live as integrated men.